Meiji EMZ-TR TrinocularMicroscope and adapters for use with Nikon CookPix 990
CookPix Relay (Nikon) , C-Mount Adapter (Meiji) and C-Mount (Meiji) fitted to Meiji EMZ-TR Trinocular Microscope.
(Top) relay; (Middle) C-Mount Adapter and (Bottom) C Mount disconnected from microscope. The relay screws into the Nikon lens and the C Mount slides into the third ocular of the microscope.
Left to Right: C-Mount Adapter, Relay Lens and C-Mount disassembled
The items on the right and left are supplied by Meiji and, I think, specific to use with Meiji microscopes. I bought the item on the right with the microscope and have only now found a use for it. Meiji (UK) sent me the adapter on the left free-of-charge when I explained what I needed.
The item in the centre is Nikon's own relay lens - cost £450 UK sterling (including UK VAT) and I think very overpriced for what it is. I have since discovered that other companies manufacture a substitute for USD400 and less.