(other than the Ammonoidea)
In contrast to the Ammonoidea, Nautiloid cephalopods are relatively infrequent and belong to a few long-ranging genera of world-wide distribution. Calcified beaks of Nautiloids, known as Rhynchoteuthis, have also been found. An example of each is figured below.
Eutrephoceras clementinum (d'Orbigny) - from Folkestone, Kent
Rhynchoteuthis (a calcified Nautilus beak) - from Folkestone, KENT
Guards of the belemnite Neohibolites are ubiquitous in the Gault of Kent and because of their resistant nature make up a large part of the weathered out fossil debris. Typical examples from the Albian of Kent are figured below:
Neohibolites ernsti Spaeth
Neohibolites minimus Miller
Late Albian Hysteroceras varicosum Subzone - near Maidstone, KENT
Lower Bed VII - Middle Albian lautus/nitidus Subzoneof Folkestone, KENT
with thanks to Dr. Simon Mitchell (University of the West Indies) for the identification of N. ernsti
Two rare specimens of Neohibolites minimus var. obtusus Stolley
Bed I (ii) - glauconitic loam immediately above the "sulphur band"
uppermost Early Albian: Pseudosonneratia (Isohoplites) steinmanni subzone of Owen, or
lowermost Middle Albian Hoplites (Isohoplites) eodentatus Subzone of Casey
Neohibolites minimus var. attenuatus Sowerby
Folkestone - Late Albian - Bed IX (Hysteroceras orbignyi Subzone ) 20cm above upper cristatum nodules
? Belemnite hoolkets, or perhaps more likely the chitinous jaw structures of an Annelid polychaete worm known as Scolecodont (Advice please)
Middle Albian - Lower Gault - U. Bed VII (Eu. lautus Zone; A. daviesi Sz) Ex Bulk -Sample F74   Middle Albian - Lower Gault - Bed II (iv) upper 20cm (Eu. loricatus Zone; A. intermedius Sz) Ex Bulk -Sample F52/91
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