Three Lobsters or Shrimps from the Gault Clay at Folkestone are displayed below. These have been all provisionally called "Hoploparia sp." but I have doubts about the second and third specimens. Any improvements on these determinations would be gratefully received. The second specimen shows unique colour banding on the tail segment.
? Genus HOPLOPARIA McCoy, 1849
? Hoploparia sp.
Specimen 1 - Two views of a unique, almost complete specimen found in situ - Bed VIII - Folkestone by Thomas Miller.
Specimen 2 - a unique, almost complete, carapace and tail exposed on a block of Gault Clay.
Specimen 3 - this section of tail shows very distinctive colour banding
Specimen 4 - a tail section of a lobster or prawn collected in-situ from Bed VI (Euhoplites lautus Zone; Euhoplites lautus/nitidus Sub-zone)

a. Brooks H.K. et. al. 1969 - Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology; Part R ARTHROPODA 4

b. Woods H. 1925-1931 A Monograph of the Fossil Macrurous Crustacea of England.

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