Oxytropidoceras (Mirapelia) evansi (Spath)
a unique specimen from the Lyelliceras lyelli Subzone of Squerryes Pit, Westerham, Kent, UK
Only one side of the ammonite is preserved.. The smaller image is of the high keel and ventral shoulder at the position shown.
Catalogue No: SQ/A/0168/JKC
Site: Westerham, KENT, UK
Family: BRANCOCERATIDAE Spath, 1934 (1900)
Subfamily: MOJSISOVICZIINAE Hyatt, 1903
Genus: Oxytropidoceras STEILER, 1920
Subgenus: Oxytropidoceras (Mirapelia) Cooper, 1982
Species: Oxytropidoceras (Mirapelia) evansi, Spath 1929
Measurement: Diameter 77mm
Albian Stage: Middle Albian
Bed & Position: Lyelliceras lyelli Subzone, Squerryes Pit, Westerham, KENT
Preservation: Phosphatised
Comments: This unique specimen was collected by Scott Moore-Fay in-situ at Squerryes while excavating an ichthyosaur from the lyelli Subzone.


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