Anahoplites aff. splendens (J. Sowerby 1815)
an example from the Albian (Gault Clay) of KENT, UK
This specimen conforms reasonably well to Spath's description of A. splendens. However, it is more inflated and could as well be referred to Dimorphoplites glaber Spath
Catalogue No: F/A/0121/JKC
Site: Folkestone
Family: HOPLITIDAE H Douvillé, 1890
Subfamily: ANAHOPLITINAE Breistroffer, 1947
Species: Anahoplites aff. splendens (J. Sowerby 1815) - transition to Dimorphoplites glaber Spath
Measurement : Diameter 49mm
Albian Stage: Middle Albian
Bed & Position: Euhoplites lautus Zone
Preservation: Pyritised

a. Wright C. W. 1996. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (Part L Mollusca 4 Revised) Volume 4: Cretaceous Ammonoidea

b. Spath L. F. 1923. A Monograph of the Ammonoidea of the Gault; Part III. Palaeontographical Society London



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